Twitter Integration
Log bountyblok tasks from new tweets containing specific search terms
This Zapier integration allows you to track any Tweet interactions containing a specific search term (like a word, phrase, username or hashtag).
Zapier will then notify bountyblok API and award them with score points, XP points, achievements, level them up, and other gaming mechanics when your followers are performing this task.

Step 1: bountyblok

To get started go to and select "Zapier" and then select "Twitter" from the dropdown and click "Next, Details".
Input a challenge name, select an App and give it a score, then click "Create Challenge".
Score points are primarily used for ranking users as they complete this challenge. Others use it as a weighted value based on the importance of a challenge.
Your challenge has been created ! Simply copy the Challenge ID and paste it onto
Your Challenge IDs can also be found in the "challenges" page:

Step 2: Zapier

Select a Trigger: Search Mention in Twitter

Once the bountyblok challenge is created, head over to zapier and create your Zap.
Select Twitter app and choose "Search Mention" as the trigger and then click "Continue".
Then, login to your Twitter account and then click "Continue".
Then, input a search term like a word, phrase, username or hashtag, and the click "Continue".
Try to use unique hashtags for better results. Example: #rarehockey12a or #rh12a
You have created a trigger and now you need to create an action.

Select an Action: bountyblok Log App

Select the app "bountyblok" and with the action "Log App", and then click "Continue".
Then, authenticate bountyblok with Zapier by inputting your API Key. You can find additional info on how to create your API Key and connect it with Zapier here:
After you the account is selected, as shown below, you can click "Continue".
Finally, in the "Account Name" field you select from the dropdown 1. username, and then paste your Challenge ID, and click "Continue".
That's it! You have created your first Zap between Twitter and bountyblok.
Now everytime a Twitter user tweets, retweets or comments on a Tweet containing this search term or hashtag, bountyblok will get notified and award them with score points, XP points, achievements, and so on.
You can monitor the activity on the bountyblok Dashboard.
Last modified 1yr ago