Creating A Challenge
Challenges created on the portal can be tracked via API calls within your mobile or web app as your users perform those tasks.


A "Challenge" consists of a set of tasks, things users need to do, in order to complete the challenge and obtain an achievement. Challenges belong to a "App".

Setup a new Challenge

Creating a new challenge requires at the minimum a challenge name, description, type "Regular", which App it belongs to, and a set of tasks. All other inputs are optional such as the start date and end date.
Once the challenge has been defined, you can click Save and start adding tasks for this challenge.
The Score input is a generic numerical value obtained when a user completes this challenge. It can be treated differently for each App use case, but primarily used for ranking users in a leaderboard based on challenges completed and total score points earned.

Creating the Tasks

After creating the challenge, you are prompted to create your first task for this challenge.
In our example we will create 3 tasks for this challenge:
  • Buy 10 US Stocks
  • Watch video "What are Binary Options"
  • Invite 3 friends
First specify the name of the task and the quantity amount of times a user will need to perform it before the task is completed. Example: Buy 10 US Stocks (the user must buy a US Stock, 10 times)
Let's define the task metadata params to be a "BUY" "US" "STOCK"
This is essentially how you define a task's structure that will be tracked and verified against by the engine. You can click create and see the task created under the challenge from the previous step.
You can create multiple of tasks for that specific challenge. You can also create multiple challenges with different tasks as well.
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Setup a new Challenge
Creating the Tasks